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Stickboy Bangkok is an entertainment website aimed at expats, sexpats and tourists visiting Bangkok who:

– are probably aged 25-55
– enjoy a beer with the lads
– like to watch sports
– spend their days at work dreaming of nailing that hot chick they friend-ed on Facebook 3 months ago who hasn’t answered their private message
– and last but not least, enjoy all that Bangkok has to offer in the way of cold beer and hot women.

stickboy bkk

So who writes all this crap?

Well, that’ll be me, Stickboy BKK. An aging expat who sold his business and lives off the proceeds of said sale. I’m easy to spot because I wear Singha vests, shorts and flip flops everywhere I go and complain loudly when refused entry due to my attire. I’m a drunken booze bag who whores around shagging multiple women as often as I can afford and when I find myself in a sober enough state I update this website.

What’s with StickboyBangkok – you just stole that from StickmanBangkok, right?

Now that’s a longish story and the answer is yes and no. If you check the domain registration history you’ll see StickboyBangkok was created back in 2006 which was about the time when Stickman got himself in a bit of a mess with an online feud with a guy whose name I can’t recall. At one point it looked like he was going to shut down his website and I had the brainwave of picking up where he left off. He didn’t close down and to this day Stickman still publishes his weekly column. So that plan was shelved.

In 2007 the site was used as part of an online treasure hunt along with 500+ other Stickboy related domains. In early 2014 I decided to revive SB Bangkok and relaunch it.

The bottomline is this. Stickman does his thing and does it well. He has a loyal following who will probably have little to no interest in what goes on around here. The world wide web and Bangkok are huge so there is plenty of room for everyone.