Angels Four Opening July 21st At Rajah Plaza

Published on 14th July 2017 by Stickboy BKK

When they started work on a new 7-Eleven in what was once the home of Jools Bar a few months ago, many questioned why have another directly across the road from the one sitting on the corner of Soi 4 and Rajah Plaza.

There was never any plan to have two 7-11’s facing each other and as soon as the new store was ready the old one closed its doors ready to make way for a new beer bar.

Angels Four

Despite denials at the time from Hillary Group management, it turns out they had acquired the unit with plans to expand their soi 4 empire.

This week the name of this new bar was revealed as Angles 4 with promises of “Great atmosphere, draft beer and pretty girls. Hillary Style”.

The opening date is set for Friday 21st July if all goes to plan.

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