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Published on 7th May 2015 by Stickboy BKK

stumble inn fun card

I first mentioned the BKK Fun Card a few weeks ago after seeing a post about it on Facebook and thought it was a good idea and worth a share.

Since then I’ve met up with the team behind it to shoot the breeze over a coffee and they gave me one to try out when I mentioned I was hitting Soi 4 for a night out. So yeah, they gave me one free which saved me 200 baht. I come cheap… 555+

The truth is, I drink in a few of the bars where the card can be used such as Playskool and Mercury and have been known to use the Hollywood Inn hotel in the plaza on occasion so I’d have bought one anyway and then spoke about it after trying it out which is exactly what I done the other night.

Before I go any further, I was given a Silver card to use that gets you 10% discount on food, drinks and a few other things. I don’t know how much the Gold card costs and what perks it offers over the Silver one. I must find out and ask for an upgrade.

So out and about my first stop was Stumble Inn for a cold pint and to say hello to a couple of mates. 10% off the tab when I checked bin and job done. No probs whatsoever and the cashier didn’t look at me as if I’d just printed it that afternoon. Good start when the staff know what’s going on in the bars where they work which as we all know, can’t be said for every pub in Bangkok.

It was the same at Big Dogs too, no probs using the card and after a pint it was titty time. I ducked in and out a few bars and then landed in Mercury. The poor girl who checked bin for me first thought the BKK Fun Card was a credit card and handed me my 500 baht back… if only it had beer credits on it too LOL. All good when she took a closer look and I was quickly relieved of my hard earned as she skipped off to the cashiers booth.

How much I saved using the card I can’t say as I was seeing double by 2am but over the course of a money I’m sure it will start adding up to a decent amount.

As I mentioned here, the card can be used in Lucky Lukes, Playskool, the Nana Beer Garden, Temptations, Hollywood Inn / Balcony Bar & Mercury – all inside Nana Plaza. Added to the list Stumble Inn and Big Dogs on Soi 4, The Crossbar on Soi 23 and Cockatoo on Cowboy.

The BKK Fun Card team will be adding other venues outwith The Stumble Group to the list in the next month or two with some popular bars & clubs around lower Sukhumvit and Asoke / Cowboy area already on the list.

Promo girls will be doing the rounds in the bars with iPads for anyone wanting to join the scheme. It takes 60 seconds to fill in your details using the handy app and costs 200b for the Silver card that you can use straight away.

Talking of promo girls, there will be a gallery coming soon as their outfits are pretty damn sexy. Say no more for now other than… coming soon.

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