Check Inn 99 All Nighter

Published on 24th May 2014 by Stickboy BKK

No-one looks back on life and remembers the night they got plenty of sleep!

So Check Inn 99 invite you to an ALL NIGHT LOCK DOWN PARTY on Saturday 24th May that will go on till 5am in morning.

You need to arrive no later than 9pm as they expect to be over full. (front cage door will be closed during curfew 10pm till 5am).

check inn 99 curfew party

Party with the Heart Band until they decide to stop serving you or when they run out of beer and/or chilli sauce to put in the onion daiquiris…… (trust me onion daiquiris taste OK at 5am in the morning when you have run out of fruit)

For your protection (and to comply with the curfew) you will be private guests and wont be able to head home until after 5am.

If you spend lots of money there will be coffee and breakfast as well. If it is successful – Check Inn management will repeat it.

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