The Hemingways Saga Drags On

Published on 1st February 2015 by Stickboy BKK

hemingways bangkok

Despite sending a number of emails to different contacts at Hemingways asking for an update on their situation and future, no-one has responded so the speculation continues and drags on.

As the clock ticks down on the area of land where Hemingways is located being redeveloped, people are curious about the future of this popular watering hole and the number of people asking me by the week is on the increase.

The Black Swan were on the ball and gave me a straight answer to quell rumoiurs of their demise and pending closure, which to me seemed a sensible thing to do. With the people round thew corner no such luck.

So, not much else to say as I don’t know anything other than gossip and speculation which is of no help to anyone – especially with it being so conflicting.

Only late this week I was told the doctors neighbouring Hemingways wasn’t selling and that the day was saved. Not but three hours later the jungle drums were beating with word its a done deal and the doors would be licked at the end of June.

Sorry folks that I’m of no help on this one.

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