Hogsbar Going From Biker Bar To Theme Restaurant

Published on 28th January 2020 by Stickboy BKK

Hogsbar, the popular biker bar over on Rama IX, has posted an announcement on Facebook that the venue is being transformed into a theme restaurant following a dispute with their landlord.

In a move that will not go down well with regulars, the situation appears to be out of the owner’s hands.

Hogsbar Going From Biker Bar To Theme Restaurant

Hogsbar would like to apologise to all of our customers……

We have not been able to have Trix ‘O’ Treat Band or Johnny Loda Trio play due to an ongoing issue with our landlords Harley-Davidson of Bangkok, Thailand They seem to have decided that they do not want a Biker Bar to be their tenant.

Unfortunately they didn’t bother to tell us this until after we had spent a considerable amount of money building Hogsbar. We were very transparent with them when we first discussed what we wanted to do with the property and do not still fully understand why they let us sign up for 6 years if we were not what they wanted as a tenant.

Anyway, stay tuned for further news as we look to TRANSition from a Biker Bar into a theme restaurant that better fits our landlord’s preferences.

As we go down this path we will remain open and have Khun Nu providing excellent Acoustic background music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Our chefs will also continue serving excellent Thai and Western food, and our awesome Krapao Pizzas!

Hope to. see you soon.

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