Jam 6 Year Anniversary Party

Published on 21st May 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Head to Jam this coming Saturday, 2nd June, for an eclectic mix of music spanning techno, dub, hip-hop & drum n’ bass.

BBQ from 4 – 8pm with grillmaster Jonny Votek.

Free refreshments courtesy of Asahi from 4pm until finished.

● 17:00 – Gishiyama (Punky Disco)
● 18:00 – DJ K9 (Bangkok Reggae Appreciation Society) x DJ Woken (Bangkok Reggae Appreciation Society)
● 19:00 – Hexer (Rebellious)
● 20:00 – African Dub Pushers
● 21:20 – Bang Sue Electrix
● 22:00 – DJ Sweed (Zoo Studio) x DJ Goo Jiving tribe x DJ D Goose (Jiving Tribe Drum n’ Bass) x DJ Vivian (Full Moon Party – Drum & Bass / KPN)


Jam 6 Year Anniversary Party

Gishiyama is a Japanese Techno & House DJ. He has been playing DJ more than 10 years in Tokyo. He is Phrakanong Soundscape and Punky Disco’s crew in BKK.

K9 is a well-established selecta in the Thai reggae music scene. Hailing from Bangkok, K9 has developed a love for Jamaican and UK reggae culture, history and music and for the past two years he has been sharing his sound with the BKRAS family in Bangkok and throughout events in Thailand. It’s new bass driven UK sound, steppas, Jamaican golden era dancehall or lovers rock, expect a quality selection of tunes, some hidden gems and a clear and conscious vibe!

A self confessed music head and the founding force behind the Bangkok Reggae Appreciation Society. Previoulsy hosting underground radio show: ‘Big Up Radio’ in 2012 in New Zealand. In 2004 WOKEN began collecting vinyl records from local record stores and importing bulk vinyl lots direct from Jamaica. His attraction to Reggae Music was due to the positive vibes in the music, the depth and breadth of the genre, the consciousness in the messages and the work rate from the artists and producers within the industry. WOKEN digs far and wide for his selections spanning, Roots, Dub, Nu Roots, Ragga, Dancehall, Dubwize DNB, Dubstep, Jungle or Digital Reggae

rowing-up on metal and Punk roots, Hexer was first exposed to electronic music in the mid 2000’s. Inspired by acid-infused 90’s techno, he started his DJ career in Turkey’s vibrant basement club scene.His first big DJ gig was back in 2008, in Istanbul’s infamous Temple club. Since then Hexer has performed more than 500 gigs in Istanbul, Prague, Bangkok, Penang, Hong Kong and many other cities & countries.Hexer relocated to Bangkok in 2016 and swiftly became established in its rapidly growing underground scene, becoming a familiar face amongst its highly talented local & international artists. Currently a very active member of this scene, it has helped him a lot in improving both his DJing & Production knowledge through collaborating with other artists.Becoming a DJ was just the beginning for Hexer. He has been an active producer for the last 2 years and his debut EP – The Rave Method – is due to be released on Rebellious Records in April 2018. As a former bass guitarist in local punk-hardcore band, Hexer defines his signature sounds are “Kicks that must slap your face while bass-lines are tripping in your body”.Although he describes his style as “Eclectic like nature,” he feels the most comfortable expressing himself and his skills through Techno. He aims to have more releases in the near future, while at the same time practicing daily to improve his overall sound.

African Dub Pushers is the new concept of african star trekker and the The Colored Buttons Pusher aka Mxht. Vinyl records, Mpc, Sp404 are used by the duo during their set.

Thai experimental rap duo consisting of Sunthi MCing and Pilot Pirx on synth and guitar.


Sweed started DJaying professionally in 2007, the same year he started glimpsing into the DnB world. Then in 2010, he joined Yaak Party group in organising a monthly DnB party around underground clubs of Bangkok of the time such as Cafe Democ, Club Culture, DDM. In 2011, he joined a band Animal Machine as a guitarist/synthesist, where Chill Out, Downtempo, Funk/R&B, Deep House are also fused into their styles. Then alongside to his duo from Animal Machine, Bunnyman, in 2012, release a single under the name “Sweed&Bunnyman”.

A Thai Drum n’ Bass and Jungle DJ since 2004. A co-founder of Jiving tribe DnB and ex-resident DJ at the world famous Fullmoon party, Koh Pha Ngan.

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