Lucky Lukes Refit Underway

Published on 23rd July 2015 by Stickboy BKK

lucky lukes nana plaza

One of Nana Plaza’s oldest beer bars Lucky Lukes has sold its last beer as we know it and is now undergoing a complete refit and will reemerge in roughly two weeks with a completely new look and a slightly modified name too.

I must admit, I liked it just as it was, old and shabby – a bit like myself – but the owners see things differently and are turning it into a beach bar with a tiki theme that will be decorated with lots of unique items plus a new menu consisting of cocktail specials.

As for the new name, I had no luck in trying to prise that info out the bosses but they told me the bar will have a new name with some of the old name mixed in too.

Is the complete change in style aimed at attracting the growing number of tourists seen in and around Nana in recent times? The Plaza certainly has become a place on the tourist trail checklist along with Soi Cowboy and there’s always couples and groups wandering around for a nosey and a few selfies.

The fact it will be doing cocktail specials suggests so to me as that definitely wasn’t the beverage of choice for Lucky Lukes customers who liked to sit back, have a beer and a smoke, as they watched the comings and goings of The World’s Largest Adult Playground.

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