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4-Course Peruvian Dinner | Valentine’s Day Special



4-Course Peruvian Dinner

Love is in the air, and there’s just something inherently romantic about a rooftop dinner! Especially when good food is involved.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a delicious set dinner featuring Peruvian classics at Above Eleven. You can mix & match to your heart’s content with our 4-course Peruvian set dinner.

👉 Choritos a la Chalaca or Causa Limena
👉Antichucho Beef Heart or Cebiche Mixto
👉Tamal Norteno or Beef Seco
👉Tortas Tres Leches or Cream Volteada

1,200THB ++/person

Open every day, 5pm – 11pm
☎️ 02 038 5111

Stickboy aka Sticky Boy aka Mike McKay aka Mike McKwai, Wild Mike, Magic Mike, Mr Mike, and a fair few more best forgotten, is a party animal with hollow legs who loves music, current affairs, beer, food, causing trouble on Twitter, and making the most of life without worrying too much about what people think or say about his antics. You can send him stuff here -

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New Sunday Roast Buffet At The Red Lion



Watch out The Red Lion… hungry Stick is coming to feed his face on their fantastic new Sunday Roast buffet launching this weekend.


Your choice of Roast Beef / Pork / Chicken

– Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese – Honey Glazed Carrots – Sage & Onion Stuffing
– Roast Potatoes – Buttered peas – Beef or Chicken Gravy
– Bubble & Squeak – Yorkshire Pudding – Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream

2 hours maximum per sitting • Booking is advised

My booking has already been made.

New Sunday Roast Buffet

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Wally’s World Of Hot Dogs



Wallys World Of Hot Dogs

Wally’s World Of Hot Dogs is the latest concept menu from the team behind Golden Bowl Western Chinese, Burger Squared, Fernandos Peri Peri Chicken and Smith’s Fish & Chips that launched just this week.

Available for dine-in and takeaway at The Red Lion on Sukhimvit Soi 13 or delivery via ZippBike, Food Panda and Lineman for those too lazy to venture out, Wally’s offers the most popular dogs from around the world right here in Bangkok.

The guys behind the idea invited me over to The Red Lion try a few items from the menu cooked up by the creator himself, and being the fat slob that I am, I took them up on their offer.

All American Hero

Wally’s “All American Hero” – 145 baht plus 45 baht for a side order of fries.

Now keep in mind I know nothing about hot dogs but for me this is what I’d describe as a classic hot dog. A Frankfurter with tomato relish, mustard and grilled onions.

I polished this off in 2 minutes. It was scrumptious.

British Bulldog

Wally’s “British Bulldog” – 185 baht.

I let the chef select which dogs to feed me but if I was picking myself I’d have tried this one.

Bacon, cheese, onions and the mustard was mixed with mayo to tone down the taste and make it easy to spread over everything.

This my friends, was the Bulldogs bollocks. Stick was in heaven.

Chunky Chilli Dinner

Wally’s Chunky Chilli Dinner – 185 baht.

The third dish was one of two dinners options on the menu.

I love a good bowl of chilli but it’s not the easiest thing to find here in Bangkok, however, this one hit the spot and all that was left on the plate was my cutlery and a used napkin. Wipeout.

By this point I was stuffed. I just couldn’t eat any more which was a shame as I wanted to try The Crazy Chihuahua, The Soi Dog, The Wally Dodger and The Curry Wurst Dinner.

Next time…

Here’s the full menu which includes a build your own option and a link to the official Facebook page.

Wallys World Of Hot Dogs Menu

Note, this is not a sponsored post. However, for transparency, it should be noted that I did NOT pay for my food, drinks only. My food was on the house. With that said, there was no expectation for anything in return, including this post.

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Kebabs & Curry Sauce



As you probably all know, I’m fond of a feed, especially of the fast-food variety. Burgers, pizzas, fish and chips and an old favourite, a lamb doner. If it’s unhealthy, it’s on my list.

Most often when I’m out and feeding my face I’ll order a few dishes. Sometimes that can be two main meals, other times I’ll opt for one main and a couple of sides. It is what it is, just like my bulging waistline.

So when I nipped into PJ O’Brien’s in Phra Khanong the other week I was ecstatic to hear the chef behind one of my favourite curry sauces in Bangkok was in the kitchen on the tools. Winner.

The problem was I fancied a kebab and a lamb manky doesn’t really go with curry sauce, or so I thought.

kebabs and curry sauce

I’ve eaten the lamb doners from other bars in the same group, O’Shea’s etc, so I knew what I was in for there and remembered an extra portion of chips are needed – for me anyway.

Make that curry sauce and chips times two, if you don’t mind.

I was starving and nobody else was eating so I got stuck right into the lot. My hands and mouth were doing overtime and before I knew what I was even doing myself, there I was dipping the kebab in the curry sauce.

Damn, what a combo.

Why I’ve never tried this before I’ll never know but I tell you, it’s a match made in heaven.

Now normally you’d pour the sauce that comes with the kebab all over it but that’s something I always skip and much prefer to dip as I go.

Just to be clear here that I wasn’t mixing chilli sauce with chippy style curry sauce.

Disgusting stuff…

But a lamb doner dipped in curry sauce – that right there is a winner my friends and something you need to try at least once.

You’ll thank me later.

Note, this is not a sponsored post. However, for transparency, it should be noted that I did NOT pay for my food and drinks. My tab was covered by the owner whom I’d been socialising with prior to visiting his bar. With that said, there was no expectation for anything in return, including this post.

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