Free Delivery From Pizza Mania Throughout July

Rainy season kinda sucks, so the guys at Pizza Mania want to make it a little better. Get Free Delivery on all online orders this July when you enter the code “Freedeli” at checkout.

If free delivery wasn’t good enough for you then you might want to know they just got a brand spanking new shipment of American Pepperoni flown in from the US, so it only feels right that they celebrate with a pepperoni pizza special that they’re calling “The Perfect Circle”.

First, layer the whole pie in pepperoni. Then build 8 individual slices of Italian sausage, pickled jalapenos, creamy NY style ricotta, pineapples, double pepperoni, red onion & bacon, cremini mushrooms and finally black olives. 18″ size only and for a limited time at 650THB.

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is… get ordering

Pizza Mania free delivery