Jims Burgers In Ari Is Worth A Visit

Published on 29th January 2015 by Stickboy BKK

jims burgers soi ari samphan

I remember when the sign went up outside Jims Burgers on Soi Ari Samphan and saying to myself many times as I passed it on my daily jaunt to the 7-Eleven that it was on a one way ticket to failure.

It was small, no parking, in an area full of bullshit fusion restaurants where people went to be seen and nothing to do with what was on the menu.

Well, that train of thought derailed sooner than expected when night after night within a couple of weeks it was packed with people waiting outside for a free table. This is why I will never be a restauranteur – I know eff all about the resto biz.

jims burgers soi ari samphan

Living so close and the fact its serving up good grub and decent beer means this isn’t likely to be a review where I start describing how crispy the lettuce was. In fact it isn’t even a review of the food because if the burgers were crap I wouldn’t be recommending it, would I? I just ate at Jims because its a good wee place that was very handy and if you’ve never been I think it’s worthy of a visit.

Oh hang on, that’s not how BKK restaurant reviewers usually work, is it? 555+

So what else? They have opened up the 2nd floor meaning more chance of getting a table, staff and service are good too which you’d expect when the owners are on the floor taking orders and serving food.

Review done and dusted as far as I’m concerned. All you need to know now is how to get there.

Jump on the BTS to Ari on the Sukhumvit line. Turn left as you go down the stairs from the platform level and on exit turn left again. At street level turn right and walk around into Soi 7 to the first corner and hop in a tuk tuk there. Don’t use the ones under the skytrain station as they inflate the 25 baht fare to the first figure that pops into their heads. A taxi from lower Sukhumvit will be no more than 80-90 baht.

Here’s a map and the phone number is 0856608880. Enjoy.

jims burgers soi ari samphan

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