Short Time Scooby Snacks At Nana Plaza

Published on 7th April 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Mention short time and Nana Plaza in the same sentence and the first thing that probably comes to mind is a 300 baht hotel room and a sexy spinner ready for a roll in the hay… but take your mind out the gutter for 30 seconds and you might recall seeing the big green Short Time sign on the ground floor of the Plaza which is where you’ll find some of the best Scooby snacks in all of Soi 4.

Short Time Scooby Snacks At Nana Plaza

Burgers, hot dogs and kebabs are all freshly cooked as you sink a cold beer and watch the talent go by… and eating at Short Time won’t break the bank either as the menu is very reasonably priced. What you get for your money compared to say, the burger van parked at the entrance to the Plaza, is all in the quality of the food served.

I popped over earlier this week to try the burgers as Son Of Stickboy was always raving about how tasty they were and for once in his life he was talking sense.

kebab and burger

I polished off a cheeseburger with everything on it followed by a beef kebab – yeah, I’m a greedy fat b***** – but if the truth be told, I struggled with the kebab as I was pretty full with just the burger. My belly was bursting by the time I left.

Now regular readers know I don’t do your typical Bangkok bs website reviews when it comes to food. If it’s good grub at a decent price that’s pretty much as far as I’m going. If you want to know how crispy the lettuce was or how juicy the burgers were then my advice is go and sample the Short Time snacks yourself.

Nana Plaza, ground floor on the right hand side, big green sign…

Short Time Menu

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