The Triple Cheeseburger Challenge

Published on 9th December 2013 by Stickboy BKK

Big burgers are nothing new in Bangkok but a challenge to eat a triple-decker plus fries in 10 minutes or less? That’s news to me and a challenge I’m planning on taking up before the end of the week.

One thing about me and Thailand that don’t match well is the fact that I’m a super fast eater. One thing I can’t stomach is food anything less than scorching hot and you all know Thais when it comes to grub – it’s an event not to be rushed.

So when I seen that The Game were challenging customers to wipe out their tripe cheeseburger in under ten minutes my eyes popped open wide, my belly rumbled and my mind said, “easy”.

The Game is a 2 minute walk from BTS Nana so I won’t have far to waddle too far when I’ve licked my plate clean after scoffing their tasty burger and fries.

I’ll let you all know how it went later this week.

Triple Cheeseburger Challenge

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