40 Photos Of The Billboard Babes

Published on 23rd September 2017 by Stickboy BKK

The babes of Billboard have been featured here on Stickboy in the past many times but this gallery is one of the best you will ever see from Nana Plaza’s top floor party house.

Many photoshoots from bars can be of the “glamour” type with all staged poses taken before the bar opens but what I like most is when you can mix with the crowd at peak time when the bar is in full swing and catch the action as it happens.

Billboard Babes Gallery

Late one Saturday night the rare opportunity presented itself out of nowhere and my partner in crime got to work with his camera – and once he starts and the girls are responsive, there’s no stopping him.

The Jacuzzi girls were going wild, the carousel cuties were all happy to strike a pose and even the girls on the floor were asking to have their photo taken.

Here’s 40 photos of all the action.

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