Paper Thin Pretties Doing The A4 Waist Challenge

Published on 22nd March 2016 by Stickboy BKK

A4 Waist Challenge Gallery

The A4 Waist Challenge currently sweeping Chinese social media seems to have western chubbies up in arms saying it’s disgusting and body-shaming those women who enjoy a burger or three.

I don’t understand why the chunky monkeys in the USA & UK are getting so wound up about it all. Are they jealous of the paper thin pretties hiding behind a sheet of A4 paper?

If they bothered to get up off their fat arses and do a bit of cooking and cleaning they might manage an A3 challenge after a couple of months. But no, they’d much rather stuff their faces with crap as they bitch and moan online about a silly fad happening on the other side of the world.

I personally think the women who have taken part in the A4 Waist Challenge look great.

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