HOT 100: Sexy Korean Superstars

Published on 5th July 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Sexy Korean Babes Gallery

100 photos of sexy Korean models, race queens, singers, TV stars and whatever else these gorgeous girls do to earn a living based on their looks. Yes, I used the word superstars loosely but in their homeland that is exactly how their millions of fans see them.

I’m sure one or two are talented at something or other but it’s not obvious when they flash their sweet smiles as they strike a pose for their latest lads mag photoshoot in a little short skirt that leaves little to the imagination or some other sexy outfit that sendinds a rush of blood to the head.

If you are into Korean cuties you will recognise a few faces as you click through the 100 photos below. Just don’t ask me to start naming them, I’m far too lazy for such minor details.

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Demonia Bangkok

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