32 Photos Of Surprisingly Sexy Soi 6 Bargirls

Soi 6 Bar Girls Gallery

For those who have never spent time there or only buzzed through, Soi 6 is an easy punchline: The once privately owned “Soi Yodsak” is closer to the bottom of the bargirl barrel than the top. Many of the women are old, are fat, have too many tattoos and stretch marks, and have more miles on them than a somtam vendor’s sidecar.

But with 55 bars and 700+ women working on this one street, the basic laws of probability dictate that among the mutton, there are some fine young lambs.

Soi 6 Bar Girls Gallery

Like any beer-bar plaza, Soi 6 is about finding the needle in the haystack. But the gallery here shows that there are more places to poke your needle than you might have thought.

Unlike the silicone showgirls of the high-end Walking Street go-gos, the girls of Soi 6 are a much-friendlier lot. They love to party and there’s certainly no place that literally offers more bang for your baht.

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