Another Cowboy Go-Go Being Replaced With A Mainstream Bar

Last week I posed the question, Will 2 Become 1?, when Rawhide closed down and sat boarded up with rumours doing the rounds it would merge with Long Gun and open as one large mega-sized go-go.

The lesser talked about tale Raw Hide would join forces with its neighbour Penny Black appears to be the way this particular cookie crumbled.

And word on the soi is it will not reopen as a go-go bar but go the way of Sahara and become another mainstream venue like The Oasis.

Another Cowboy Go-Go Being Replaced With A Mainstream Bar

As it stands now, Penny Black is a complete shit show with rubble all over the place, vacant floors, a broken elevator and a general feeling of way past its sell-by date.

I’d guess the new venue will still have the upstairs short time rooms and late night club with the ground floor along the line of Country Road / Oasis with pool and live music that will appeal to the mainstream visitors who visit Soi Cowboy night after night wanting to see the action but are not keen on venturing through the chrome pole palace curtains.