Bunnies Boss Set To Resurrect Playskool

Published on 1st December 2017 by Stickboy BKK

playskool returns

The owner of Bangkok Bunnies has acquired Easy Lick and plans to return the ground floor bar to its former self in more ways than one.

Easy Lick, or Easy Dick as some preferred to call it due to the sprinkling of ladyboys in the line-up, will be returning to its former self, Playskool, and the first order of the day after the name change is to make it 100% Real Girls Only from day 1, the same as his other venue on the opposite side of Nana Plaza.

Work on the inside will take place during the day with the bar remaining open and will see the inside revamped with new seating, sound, lights… the works.

The pool table at the outdoor bar area will be removed taking with it the often unfriendly looking Thai pool players who had made it their temporary home.

playskool returns

The Dutchman tells me the bar will be putting an end to the car alarm techno too with a DJ cranking out rock classics from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – something Playskool was well-known for not so many moons ago.

This used to be one of my regular spots in the Plaza before I operated this site but avoided in recent years as I can’t stand the mixed line-up concept as I’ve talked about before.

With the ladyboys gone and the playlist more to my liking this takeover is sounding promising for a new addition to my list of Plaza pit stops.

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