Billboard, Bubbles & Big Boobs

Published on 24th November 2015 by Stickboy BKK


On a quick run around Nana Plaza last night I stopped off at Billboard to check out the hotties getting naked in the Jacuzzi and lo and behold there was the owner Christopher and his good lady working as hard as ever.

I was a little surprised to see them as there were rumours doing the rounds they had sold their stake in the bar and were no longer working there.

Me being me, I did my usual asking more personal questions than I should and what I can tell you from the boss himself is he isn’t going anywhere and things are on the up at Billboard with records being broken week after week as improvements and changes are made to make the bar an even more fun place to hang out.

The plans for renovating and rebranding Bubbles next door are still on course and will come to fruitition in the near future, however, now isn’t the right time to share that story so I will just leave it there.

The only other thing to say here is the Jacuzzi was full of top totty…

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