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Published on 28th March 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Last Friday night had been a busy one for me with a couple of photoshoots on the books meaning it was very late on when I popped into Billboard for a quick beer before heading home.

Arriving just 30 minutes before closing I was surprised to see the place was still packed with punters plus the added bonus of some top talent still in the Jacuzzi and on the carousel.


My usual perch at the bar wasn’t to be as all the seats were taken by customers wanting a good vantage point to catch the action in the hot tub and there was plenty to see with the Billboard babes sporting little white bikinis.

Number 11 in the photo above was looking as good from the back as she was from the front but I had to move and leave that fine sight behind as I was getting in the way of the service staff who were busy, busy dishing up drinks for the thirsty crowd.


So a seat by the revolving stage it was and that turned out to be a pretty good choice as I sat looking at one hottie after another passing me by. Not a bad way to end a nights work let me tell you.

I only had time for couple of beers and a quick chat with the boss after coming so late meaning there was no time to buy any of the dancing dollybirds a few drinks plus my thinking was they’d probably prefer to stay on stage in the hope of pulling a customer who was going to barfine them before lights up which most of them know I’m not gonna do.

billboard stickboy

For a bar that comes in for some stick on the nightlife forums by the miserable mob that frequent them, Billboard is still packing them in night after night, and it’s not just newbies or tourists either as there are plenty of regulars who frequent the top floor bar who live and work here.

And the reason for that is simple, Billboard is the home of the hotties.

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