Butterflies 3rd Anniversary Party

Butterflies has come a long way since it opened its doors back in December 2016 after months of work ripping out the cells and cages that were the theme of the old Jail Birdz it took over the location from that were replaced with sofas, a Jacuzzi, a standing area together with traditional go-go bar tiered seating giving the huge bar the feel of a nightclub cum strip joint.

The top floor chrome pole palace was always a destination of choice for Stickboy even in the quiet times when it was still finding its feet. Now the place is packed night after night through the sheer hard work by the owners and staff not to mention all those sexy ladies working the stages.

The bar will toast its success and newfound popularity with a massive party featuring 140 babes, 100 fresh-baked pizzas and Buy One, Get One specials on selected drinks.

The night also will feature special sexy shows and free t-shirts for guests while supplies last.

Saturday 23rd November is when it’s all happening.

butterflies 3rd anniversary