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Buy 1 Bottle Get 2 Girls Free At Angelwitch



Buy 1 Bottle Get 2 Girls Free

This has to be the Deal Of The Decade as far as go-go bars go where if I’m perfectly honest, it always feels like it’s just take, take, take as a customer.

But times are tough with the borders still closed and bar bosses are actually now coming up with some decent deals on drinks and whatnot.

I say whatnot as you can’t be too careful what you write these days with Big Brother watching but you get my drift and know what you need to hand over cash for in a go-go bar.

So this new deal from Angelwitch in Nana Plaza – it’s a cracker.

Purchase any bottle of spirits (750 ml or larger) and get two ladies as part of the price to join you for an amazing after party.

Not included in the price
* Mixers
** Condoms
*** “Tips” for the girls

So you can enjoy a bottle of your favourite tipple with a couple of smoking hot rock dancers then take them away with you to party hard elsewhere and not need to fork out 1,800 for the privilege.

What a deal that is.

I hope they’ve got lesbians working in Angelwitch…

Stickboy aka Sticky Boy aka Mike McKay aka Mike McKwai, Wild Mike, Magic Mike, Mr Mike, and a fair few more best forgotten, is a party animal with hollow legs who loves music, current affairs, beer, food, causing trouble on Twitter, and making the most of life without worrying too much about what people think or say about his antics. You can send him stuff here -

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Cactus Bar On Cowboy Closing For A Couple Of Months




The owners of Cactus bar on Soi Cowboy have decided to take a couple of months off and close the bar from today, December 1.

Times are tough all over and anyone who has wandered down the Neon Alley will understand why closing Cactus makes sense – there’s just nobody about.

Much the same as Nana Plaza, one bar closes and another opens as The Dollhouse come back from the dead the same day Cactus closes.

All anyone can do right now is hold out as long as they can in any way they can so they are still in business when the borders open back up.

In the meantime, you can find the Cactus crew along the soi at Long Gun where they’ll be plying their trade for the time being.

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Whiskey-A-Go-Go… Now Open In Nana Plaza




Whiskey-A-Go-Go, or as the sign says Whiskey & Go-Go, opened its doors last Friday night with a quiet launch so the new guys could find their feet and get everything just right before doing any promotional push to let everyone know about Bangkok’s newest chrome pole palace.

I stuck my head in on Saturday night to say hello and see what the place looked like and more importantly, to see how the line-up of ladies was looking.

Located on the middle floor next door to Random bar to the left of the stairs up to the top floor, Whiskey-A-Go-Go is hard to miss, unlike its predecessor that sat virtually in the dark.

Lots of bright lights and smiling staff with signs for 99 baht beers waiting to welcome you inside was a good start.

The beer was cold, the staff friendly and the layout pretty much just the way it always was with a lick of gold and black paint to spruce the place up a bit.

Sitting on the front row to get a good view of the stage the design is a little odd in that there is a low table to place your drinks on… they are far too low and useless if you’d had a few.

The dancing dollybirds were wearing various costumes of the kinky kind such as French Maid, Naughty Nurse, Sexy Schoolgirls, and the one that caught my eye was the Foxy Flight Attendant who invited me to join the mile high club with her in the hotel upstairs.

Were they all stunners? Of course not, but unlike what some sweetie wives around town are saying, they were not the worst line-up by any manner of means. I’d say all under 27, no fatties, and most were very friendly not to mention easy on the eye.

Local beers such as Leo, Chang, and Singha are all just 99 baht all night, every night.

99 baht leo

One other noticeable thing you won’t see in Whiskey-A-Go-Go is any mamasans because the bar has opted not to hire any.

The new owners like most of us are sick and tired of these big old boilers hassling customers for drinks and pushing for barfines so they took the decision to go with the flow and kick them into touch.

The bar also stocks a wide selection of high-end spirits you don’t typically see in go-go bars such as Johnnie Walker Blue, Green and Gold, Macallan 18-year Scotch, and other 12-18-year-old whiskies.

The bar is open Tuesday through Sunday with Monday night a day of rest for everyone.

Is Whiskey-A-Go-Go worth a visit? Sure it is. Just don’t walk in and walk out because it’s quiet, keep in mind if it’s quiet, you have all the girls to yourself.

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Kazy Kozy Call It Quits



Kazy Kozy Call It Quits

Kazy Kozy took over the corner location of the Old Dutch on Soi Cowboy back in early 2019 opening in March and a grand opening party a month later with a marching band, a lot of glitz and glamour never seen before for the opening of a go-go bar on the Neon Alley.

It gained a few followers but those hoping for a Crazy House 2 were left disappointed at the shows and silly seating.

Like all nightlife in Thailand, it was shuttered in March due to the coronavirus situation and reopened back in July hoping to make a go of it without tourists.

It just didn’t have the local following needed to pull that off and was soon closing on random nights of the week in a bid to cut costs.

kazy kozy closed

The plug was finally pulled a couple of weeks ago and Kazy Kozy has remained closed since.

As it turns out, it’s closure looks to be permanent with the owners opting to take the bar in a different direction.

A few ideas are being touted with the most likely outcome being another live music bar on Soi Cowboy much like Corner Bar and Country Road at the opposite end of the street.

One less go-go bar but not one that will be missed plus the location was a food and drink focused bar for almost 3 decades until KK took it over.

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