Bye Bye Bunnies

bye bye bunnies

It’s bye bye Bangkok Bunnies, well, sort of.

The main bright pink neon has been taken down from the biggest section of the bar, however, the new owners have left the smaller pink sign up at the far end where the outside stage was.

I say was, as it like the neon, has gone and been replaced with two brand new Brunswick pool tables that are still under wraps as work on the floor is done.

bye bye bunnies

Will the small sign stay or will it go too?

The guessing games are well underway as to what the bar will be renamed but guesses are all I’ve got.

The front runner is Twister Bangkok but I wouldn’t go betting on it right now.

bye bye bunnies

bye bye bunnies

Inside on Saturday night the only noticeable changes were to the center area where I heard there was a pool going in. Having seen the size of the space that has been cut out I can safely say there’s no pool small enough to fit it.

A tub of some sorts maybe but nothing the size of what was been banded about earlier this week.

As work progresses and the changes keep coming, I’ll keep you posted.