Carousel Stops At Maxine’s For-Sale Sign

Published on 2nd August 2015 by Stickboy BKK


For nearly 20 years, Carousel Club was one of Pattaya’s favourite go-go bars. With a rotating stage featuring a merry-go-round horse, it was also one of the most memorable.

With a strong lineup, unique shows that predated Angelwitch and a prime location of the then-thriving Soi Diamond, Carousel packed in the crowds. When the longtime owner decided to hang it up, he reportedly sold the go-go for upwards of 13 million baht.

A sign of how far things have fallen for the club, Maxine’s Club – which took over from Dream Club which took over for Carousel Club 2.0 – went up for sale this week for a meagre 2 million baht.

Maxines for sale

Maxine, we hardly knew you, to be honest. The club opened in June and closed just a couple weeks later, supposedly for correctable licencing issues. Apparently they proved not so collectable and this week the for sale sign went up on the door.

The original Carousel closed its doors in June 2010 and reopened under new management in November that year. Prior to that, they employed one of Walking Street’s best mamasans – who now works at Peppermint – and a string of friendly farrang managers.

Carousel Agogo

The bar (along with Living Dolls Showcase) pioneered choreographed shows and the hobby horse always proved an amusing prop once the dancers were liquored up enough.

Under new management, however, the foreign hosts disappeared, the horse lost its tail and the mamasan’s departure led to a steady decline in talent. The new management closed and put it up for sale at a huge loss — 2.9 million baht — in May 2012.

Carousel Agogo

It stayed vacant for nearly a year, it’s main sign gone and exterior deteriorating. It was a symbol of Soi Diamond’s decline, with only Super Baby and Heaven Above continuing to draw crowds.

Carousel Agogo

On July 24 2013, Dream Club opened after a major renovation, but failed to catch on. It closed 11 months later.

What new owners will do with the large, double-shophouse bar is anyone’s guess, but it will be hard to recapture the glory of its past.

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