All Change At Bangkok Bunnies

Published on 22nd May 2016 by Stickboy BKK

all change at bangkok bunnies

Two months after selling Bangkok Bunnies to one of the partners in Baccara, the Dutchman has done a deal to take back the bar, lock, stock and two smoking hot go-go dancers.

A surprising, out of the blue move that will raise eyebrows and have everyone asking, why did he sell it and want it back in such a short space of time?

A good question and one I’m not going to answer. If you want to know why then ask him yourself as he will be at the bar all week sorting things out.

From what the returning owner tells me drinks prices will be coming down, including lady drinks, barfines will be reduced to 700 baht, the uniforms will go back to the previous style, Bunnies pink will be replacing all the red lights inside too and a new playlist will be put in place.

The list is lengthy and also includes the food at the outside bar returning and the new pool bar will now be somewhere you can go play with the dancers, even if you haven’t barfined them. The New Wave neon should go up this week too.

Phew, I’m running out of steam here racking my brain to remember everything but I think that covers the main points the new (old) owner told me.

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