Changing Times On Soi Cowboy

soi cowboy

The fallout on Soi Cowboy from the Suzie Wong’s bust and (very) temporary closure continues with upstairs room rentals at the American owned Moonshine, Toy Bar, Fanny’s & Jungle Jims group of bars now no longer available.

To the best of my knowledge those were the last bars on Cowboy to offer on the premises “sleeping” quarters for those in need of an hours R&R.

It seems no chances are being taken by bar owners with anything that could have the spotlight shining on them being sorted out, thrown out and put right.

And talking of Jungle Jims, the expensive coyotes employed there have now infected Fanny’s too with lady drinks costing 200 baht and 3,000 baht the ridiculous cost of a barfine as opposed to the regular dancers 100 baht / 500 baht for drinks and barfines.

And while the coyote girls are younger, fitter and far better looking than the regular dancers working there, they certainly don’t offer any of the customer service these old-school bars are famous for.

Moonshine & their ilk were the last vestiges of the “old” Cowboy. Seems they’re slipping away soon to be gone forever as times change in the world of modern day go-go bars.

Meanwhile, Suzie Wong’s must have spent the week off planning a big return. EVERY single lightbulb on the outside was lit up and they have strung even more lights over the street to the other side. It is so bright outside SW I nearly needed sunglasses. What was their aim? To tell the world we are back?