Club Electric Blue Pattaya Back With A Bang

Published on 2nd May 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Club Electric Blue Pattaya

After an eight year absence from the Pattaya nightlife scene, Club Electric Blue made their 2015 comeback with a bang, and make that a capital B too as this was probably the biggest party in Pattaya last night.

It was a full house with standing room only as local expats, tourists and a fair few fans of the club making their way down from Bangkok too for the grand opening party.

Club Electric Blue Pattaya

On stage were…. wait for it, 85 girls. Yup, 85 horny hotties with another 20 odd dancers turned away on the night. When was the last time you heard of a bar boss having to turn away girls? In this day and age that just doesn’t happen.

Boss man Andy has a big reputation in Pattaya even though it’s been years since he had a bar there and it would seem that the Pattaya punters haven’t forgotten the big man knows how to throw a party but run a good bar.

The grand opening was last night but Club Electric Blue Pattaya is rocking again tonight with Captain Hornbag, Jim from the Bangkok branch and Big Andy all on hand to give customers old and new a warm welcome.

If you are looking for somewhere to go then you’ll find the boys, and more importantly all those hot girls, in what used to be Private Dancer on Soi 15.

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