DJ Tom Brings The Beats To Bada Bing

Published on 8th June 2015 by Stickboy BKK

dj tom

Touring around Patpong 2 on Saturday night seen me sat in Bada Bing enjoying the music as much as I was enjoying the view.

Having DJ’d for more years than I have fingers I do appreciate a man pushing the buttons and choosing the tunes who knows what he is doing and as good as some go-go bar jocks are, DJ Tom at the Bing stands head and shoulders above most – and I’m not talking about his height.

Most chrome pole club DJ’s just go through the motions, they know what songs and tracks the girls like and that’s it as far as they are concerned. The girls are dancing, job done. There is no thought, no inspiration, no passion and certainly no interest in whether the customer is enjoying what is pumping out the sound system or not.

DJ Tom on the other hand was into what he was doing big time. A playlist that could keep a customer like me happy who was enjoying the stage show but more hanging out than in the market to barfine and at the same time keeping the dancers shaking their moneymakers for the guys who were in for a night of illicit pleasure.

His tracklist wasn’t commercial as it wasn’t too obscure either. A fine selection of driving and uplifting tunes if I don’t say so myself. A good balance.

With some fine looking eye-candy and a DJ knocking out some decent music, Bada Bing is definitely somewhere I’d recommend for a few beers even if you aren’t planning on bedding a bargirl.

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