Free Bar Fines At Bunnies Is Over

Published on 13th July 2017 by Stickboy BKK

The Free Bar Fines At Bangkok Bunnies Experiment Is Over

After just three days, the owner of Bangkok Bunnies has pulled the plug on his experiment of not charging customers a bar fine for a dancer to accompany them out the bar.

From tonight, Thursday 13th July, the 700 baht bar fine fee is back.

Speaking with the owner earlier today he said since Monday bar fines had doubled but drink sales were way down.

Money aside, his reasons for bringing back the charges come from both staff and customers “ripping the piss” for the want of a better description – and note, those are MY words, not the Dutchman’s.

Dancers asking customers to bar fine their friends so they could go home was rife on Wednesday night as was customers showing no “good faith” by drinking a bottle of water before leaving with three ladies.

Negativity online from those doubting the Dutchman’s good intentions didn’t help matters either nor did wayward staff making the rules up as they went along when there were no rules to follow after it came to light certain staff members were lying to customers that they had to buy 3 lady drinks before they could leave the bar free which most certainly wasn’t the owners policy.

Sadly this experiment has ended as I thought it would.

I’d have went with a free bar fine if your bin is over 1,000 baht OR what the scammers were trying to pull, 3 lady drinks and the dancer in question can leave with a customer at no cost.

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