Girls Out Ladyboys In At Mercury

Girls Out Ladyboys In At Mercury

The Nana Plaza jungle drums have been beating loudly over the future of Mercury bar for several months now with the first floor chrome pole palace not pulling in the punters the owners need to be making some bank.

Several rumours have done the rounds as to what will become of Mercury such as sold, transformed into a beer bar, and one or two others I’ll skip.

My understanding is changes are on the way and Nana Plaza with have it’s 8th all ladyboy bar come July 1.

Mercury will close on Monday 26th June for a quick revamp and reopen a few days later with their new format. I don’t have any insight on whether the bar will change name or not.

Girls Out Ladyboys In At Mercury

When the girls are replaced with the third gender at Mercury that middle floor will be a tricky one navigate with Straps, Chili, DC-10, Casanova, and Temptations already filled with cocks in frocks.

This latest news is something I’d love to be wrong about as I actually like popping into Mercury for a few beers on my travels, however, I do understand it from the position of the owners who already operate several successful ladyboy bars in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

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