Go Go Bars Opening 2pm During Curfew

Published on 23rd May 2014 by Stickboy BKK

With the 10pm curfew in place I had to take my hat off to the guys over at Club Electric Blue for having the bright idea of opening at 3pm.

Seriously, the (second) best news of the coup so far.

ceb patpong soi 2

But like all things in Thailand it is only a matter of time before someone see’s your great idea and copies it which is now the case with go go bars in Nana Plaza announcing they will open today, May 23rd, at 3pm.

Mind you, it is a compliment when someone steals your idea.

UPDATE: Playskool and Mercury in Nana Plaza have both announced 2pm opening times during the curfew.

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Lollipop Nana Plaza Bangkok

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