Goodbye A Fairy Bar, Hello R & B Bar

r and b bar nana plaza

A Fairy Bar was only opened back in August by the Rainbow Group with a lineup of ladyboys in the spot that was once Candyland.

At the time it became the seventh bar in Nana Plaza with cocks in frocks on the chrome poles with the owner hoping to tap into the lucrative ladyboy market.

It seems that plan has been dumped following the jewel in the Rainbow crown being shuttered for weeks with no light at the end of the tunnel when, or if, it can reopen.

a fairy bar nana plaza

Faced with uncertainty and huge zeros on the balance sheet a bit of smart thinking was needed and on Friday night the grand plan was revealed.

It was goodbye A Fairy Bar, hello R & B Bar. Goodbye guys, hello honeys.

Any Rainbow 4 regulars who wander into R & B Bar will spot plenty of familiar faces everywhere they look. Same, same but different as the saying goes.