Kazy Kozy Is Now Open

Published on 1st March 2019 by Stickboy BKK

I only mentioned Kazy Kozy here the other day saying work on the newest addition to Soi Cowboy was coming along nicely and it should be open in a couple of weeks.

Well, how surprised was I to see it opened on Friday night way ahead of my guesstimation.

If the truth be told it really wasn’t ready and yet again we have another bar owner rushing to open for whatever reason.

kazy kozy open

One thing that was surprising was just how small it is but there may well be an upstairs coming soon once they actually finish the ground floor and take a brush to the place to sweep up the dirt and dust.

Let’s give it a week or two before giving the place a proper review and to see if they copy their sister bar with a 100 baht entrance fees for those the doormen don’t recognise.

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