Kings Castle 1 Has A Bevy Of Babes

Kings Castle 1

There’s a few things I like about my new favourite hangout in Patpong that may surprise a few of you who don’t venture over to that part of town much, if at all.

Kings Castle 1 has probably been around longer than me and these older Patpong bars don’t have the best reputation with many thinking they are all rip off joints which couldn’t be further from the truth in my experience.

Sure those ping pong shows in the upstairs joints are a great big con and definitely not somewhere you want to venture unless you are a glutton for punishment, both in the head and pocket, as it’s gonna cost you plenty for a whole lot of nothing that will leave you mentally scarred for life.

Forget about anywhere up a staircase and stick to the old ground level go-go’s like Thigh Bar, Superstar and the Kings Group bars. If you fancy a bit of something different then pop into Kings Castle 1 for what has to be the best line-up of lovelies in Patpong right now.

Hell, they even let Big Foley fire up a cigar right there in the bar which is a rarity these days. He was like a pig in sh*t puffing away on his Cuban with a sexy piece of chrome pole crumpet keeping his other hand busy.

Kings Castle 1 is well worth a visit if you are over in that neck of the woods and fancy a wee change from the usual Patpong haunts.

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