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UPDATED: List Of Nana Plaza Bar Opening Dates



List Of Nana Plaza Bar Opening Dates

I mentioned on social media yesterday that not many Bangkok go-go bars were planning to open on the 1st after being given the green light under “Phase 5” easing measures announced by the CCSA on Monday.

The difference 24-hours makes in Thailand is extraordinary as you will see from the list of opening dates for bars in Nana Plaza – there are plenty to choose from should you decide to venture out this week.

Open 1/7/20

– K&S Bar
– Morning Night
– Stumble Inn
– Big Dogs
– Spankys
– Twister BKK
– Rainbow 2
– Rainbow 4
– Rainbow 5

Open 2/7/20

– Sexy Night

Open 3/7/20

– Geisha

Open 4/7/20

– Nana Beer Garden

Open 7/7/20

– Strap’s
– Diamonds

Open 8/7/20

– Lollipop
– Angelwitch
– Witchcraft
– Obsession

Open 15/7/20

– Billboard
– Butterflies

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Covid Has Killed Walking Street – Drone Footage From Friday Night



In case you were wondering how Friday night was in Pattaya, here’s a fly over of Walking Street at 8:20pm filmed by ECE Pattaya.

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Half Moon Party – Free Flow Drinks For 999b



Half Moon Party

Head to Black Pagoda for the party of all parties on Saturday 25th September.

Unlimited drinks for just 999฿ on Leo/Singha/House Spirits from 8pm until close.

Sink some cheap drinks as you watch the dancing body painted girls, enjoy some great music on a night to let your hair down.

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Devil’s Den Becomes The Latest Covid Casualty



Devils Den Becomes The Latest Covid Casualty

The Devil’s Den in Pattaya has become the latest nightlife Covid casualty after shutting up shop.

Without any announcement, Devil’s Den located on Soi LK Metro simply closed the doors and stripped the venue back to the bare walls.

Had it not been for the fact the venue was stripped naked, one might have thought the closure was just temporary but it would appear that’s not the case.

Devil’s Den described itself as, “Much more than just an escort service, rather a place where one’s fantasies really do come true and your satisfaction is guaranteed”.

One less kinky club on the landscape.

UPDATE: Despite closing their LK Metro location, apparently DD is still “open”… on the internet.

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