Mercury Was Party Central Last Night

Published on 3rd May 2014 by Stickboy BKK

Every Friday night I like to head over to Soi 4 for some beer and boobs. It is what it is and I’m making no apologies for my actions.

I enjoy a beer or two in the Beer Garden on the ground floor of Nana Plaza to kick the night off, then I usually take a look in some of the chrome pole joints before heading out to one or two bars on Soi 4 before calling it a night.

I try to mix it up each week and stop off at different bars. Sure, old habits die hard and like most people I have my favourites but I don’t want to be just talking about the same places week after week, month after month like so many Bangkok-centric nightlife websites do. Same bars, same plugs. Boring.

Last night there wasn’t much doing on the ground floor and since I was joined by a mate I let him decide which go-go’s to hit.

Mercury Was Party Central Last Night

His first choice was Mercury. And a good choice it was too. It was packed at 11pm. So much so we were almost sitting on each others knees. How we managed to squeeze in two lovelies is beyond me. But we did.

Now I know some people don’t like pushy a mamasan throwing girls at you when you have only been in the bar two minutes but in Mercury I don’t mind as they do have a compliment of decent looking girls. And if I’m not in the mood it is easy to be polite and decline but why the hell would I want to chase away a cutie? I was out for beers and boobs.

What made Mercury so good last night was the atmosphere. It was buzzing as the girls on stage were getting painted with luminescent paint by a guy with what could only be described as one of the best jobs in Bangkok. And was this guy good? He was amazing with that pot of paint and brush. I actually spent more time watching him whilst he worked his magic than on the dancers themselves.

Most of the customers were really into it and cheering the girls on. And when the bikinis came off and the lesbian show started I’m certain some of them were on the verge of blowing their load.

A good fun night with a party vibe that so many go-go’s lack these days. And such a simple idea. Ten out of ten to the Mercury management.

My only disappointment is not being able to get a photo to share. I checked the official Mercury FB page and sadly there’s none up.

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