Monday Night Madness At Bangkok Bunnies

Published on 6th September 2016 by Stickboy BKK

And when I say madness, I mean madness in a good way. For a Monday night I was expecting things to be so-so around town but it just goes to show what I know. Hee haw.

As always me and Mr Mango started with a beer at the outside bar of Bangkok Bunnies and nine times out of ten we never actually make it inside but when he told me both stages were open and my favourite seat was free we agreed to go and check out the talent for a wee change.

Monday Night Madness At Bangkok Bunnies

A seat at The Bridge is where I like to park myself as it makes for a great view of the dancing dollybirds. When you are as blind as me sitting in the regular seats is a waste of time and a bit of a lucky dip when it comes to selecting some company. I can’t see a thing, so more often than not what you think you see on stage is very different when you see it close up.

Not the case in Bunnies as you are sat with your eyes at ass level and that suits me just fine.

The options on stage were out of this world. If I was loaded I’d have waved about six coyote cuties to come join me but I settled for just the one and I was in love for all of five minutes… don’t worry, I fall in and out of love very quickly with go-go girls. 555+

bunnies bath tub babes

For a Monday night the place was rocking, packed with talent on two stages not to mention the soaped up sweethearts in the Jacuzzi that we missed out on as we were otherwise engaged.

I should also mention that the service has improved greatly too which was one of the common complaints when the expanded area opened. No problems getting a refill last night and our service girl was on the ball.

If this was a quiet night of the week I can only guess what it’s like on a Friday and Saturday. Madness x 10 and worth checking out.

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