New Boss For Bunnies Outside Bar & Kitchen

bangkok bunnies

News out of Nana Plaza this week is that the outside bar area of Bangkok Bunnies has been subleased in full to a Belgian fella by the name of Oliver and his Thai wife Nit who was originally planning on just taking on the Pizza & Snacks part of the business.

During negotiations the owners and man from Brussels agreed that overseeing the whole outside bar area made better business sense and the deal was done.

A full menu of pizzas and snacks, including both western and Thai dishes, is now available throughout the night at very reasonable prices and I should add the pizza cooked in the stone-oven is a must try.

Speaking with the boss of Bunnies, he told me the deal is a great move for the bar as it gives the outside area someone dedicated to making sure it gives good food and service allowing his focus and attention to the main inside bar.

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