A Look At The All-New Five Star

Published on 12th November 2017 by Stickboy BKK

five star soi cowboy

After being shutdown for a month or so for a refit following its sale, Five Star on Soi Cowboy reopened at the start of the month with many believing it will do alright with the Crazy House crew now on board.

Many of the top-line dancers from the Soi 23 chrome pole palace of undress and one of the mamasan’s moved there for the opening weekend giving it a Crazy House Lite feel.

Half of the dancers work for the bar, the other half are agency coyotes.

It has a bit of the CH vibe – some of the girls walking around and sitting with customers buck naked – but is more restrained than the original by the presence of the agency girls and its location.

five star soi cowboy

The place is a narrow shoebox only made to look larger by mirrors on each wall. Bench seating on one side and stools by the stage on the other. It’s a long narrow stage with about 6 girls on at any time, 4 of which are nude in one set. All bikinis in the second set.

The lighting is quite a bit better than the seizure-inducing strobes in Crazy House and it all has that “new bar smell”.

The toilets are upstairs in a huge and empty second floor which could very well be used for future development. (Also rooms upstairs that are not being used).

The CH girls were all very friendly and hands on. The coyotes their usual selves.

The only real difference from the CH model is the prices: Lady drinks are 200 baht, vs. 170 on the corner. Mamasan says its to cover the higher expense of the agency tarts.

Fortunately, the one CH dancer I sat with didn’t try CH’s usual “tequila-coke” 2-LD scam. Maybe because they’re higher prices. Needs more investigation.

There’s also been a carry-on effect on Crazy House itself: Since they sent many of their naked girls down there, CH was rather barren last Saturday night. At 11:30pm there were THREE dancers on stage in one set.

Also, the CH girls will tell you, “ladies go to new shop”.

“What’s the name of the ‘new shop’?”, I ask one service chick.


“Spicy? Never heard of it”.

I got out, look for Spicy. Come back, ask door guy what the hell?

“Not Spy-Cee, Five-Staaa”.

Thing is, CH is so crowded these days, they open both floors at least 6 nights a week running 2 sets on each, one with mostly nude girls, others in skirts/bras.

So if you take out 12 or so nudes, you got the fuglies left. Spread that over two floors, add in the usual number of Saturday night barfines and you get some pretty empty stages.

They need more girls now to cover both bars.

Once word gets out that Five Star is Crazy House Lite, I reckon they’ll do well.

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