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Twister Bar

A Social Media Explosion

There's something in the air at Nana Plaza and I'm not talking about the smell of booze and birds, I'm thinking more about what...
LH sexy student party

Sexy Student Party @ Lighthouse

The boys at Lighthouse on Soi Cowboy sure do love a party with another one lined up for this Friday night, 21st September, following...
Billboard 3rd Anniversary Party

Billboard 3rd Anniversary Party

Billboard, regarded by many as Bangkok's best go-go bar, will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary on Saturday 22nd September with what could turn out...
Popcorn To Watch The Show At Twister

Snacks To Watch The Show At Twister

I've never had the feeling that going to a go-go bar was comparable with going to the cinema until I spotted a popcorn machine...
Shark 16

16th Anniversary Party @ Shark

Mark you calendar for Tuesday 11th September with Shark, Soi Cowboy written in big bold letters in the box because they are having a...
Dollhouse XXX Lounge Anniversary Party

Dollhouse XXX Lounge Anniversary Party

The Dollhouse XXX Lounge in Pattaya will be celebrating their 1st anniversary on Friday 22nd September and you're invited. A night of naughty fun'n'frolics is...
Franks 49th

The Boss Mans Birthday Bash @ Lighthouse

If things weren't messy enough on a Wednesday night at Lighthouse then you need to stop by this week to see what drunken debauchery...
Secrets 12th Anniversary Party

Secrets 12th Anniversary Party

Keep the date free, Secrets 12th Anniversary Party is a night not to be missed. Saturday 1st September is when it's all happening with free...
Hello From Rainbow 3

Hello From Rainbow 3

This little lady from Rainbow 3 was great fun to have a drink and hang out with - maybe her acting like she was...
Black pagoda

Black Is Back

Black Is Back this weekend at Black Pagoda with the ladies all dressed in sexy black lingerie. On Friday 24 & Saturday 25 this party...
Inside Playskool Go-Go Bar

Inside Playskool Go-Go Bar

A sneak peek inside Playskool for a look at the pretty pupils in class doing what they do... time to study boys.
Booze Bonanza Tonight At Lighthouse

฿100 Booze Bonanza Tonight At Lighthouse

The Lighthouse booze bonanza is on tonight and has to be one of the best deals in Bangkok with all drinks setting you back...
Party Time At Heaven Above

Party Time At Heaven Above

Thursday night, August 16th join Big Boss Greg for his annual birthday bash at Heaven Above on Soi Diamond. Free food, HOT new girls...
Queen Club Pattaya 6th Anniversary

VIDEO: Queen Club Pattaya 6th Anniversary

A fun promo highlighting the 6th Year Anniversary for the Queen Club in Pattaya - located in the heart of Soi LK Metro. Queen Club...
Vodka Thursday At Mandarin

Vodka Thursday At Mandarin

It is Vodka Thursday at Mandarin on the middle floor of Nana Plaza tonight and by the end of it you might be seeing...
Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy: Morning, Noon & Night

You will ned to skip to the 3.40 minute mark on this video of Soi Cowboy: Morning, Noon & Night as the vlogger who...