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Kiss The Sand

Kiss The Sand

They’ve moved an entire desert on Soi Cowboy with the suddenly shutdown Sahara moving across the way to take up residence with its sister...
Groove The Strip

Tongue & Groove

It will be party time in Patpong this Friday night as The Strip get back in the groove with their theme parties. How does the...

Witchcraft Grand Opening Party

Witchcraft opened in Nana Plaza last November in the spot that was previously home to the Short Time beer bar. Over the past 8 months,...
Sahara Has Become A Desert

Sahara Has Become A Desert

Here today gone, gone tomorrow. Well, not quite. I'm talking last night, Saturday, all was normal at Sahara on Soi Cowboy with the lights...

VIDEO: Inside Pink Panther

Step inside Pink Panther for a look at the chrome pole crumpet gracing the small stages dotted around the Patpong go-go bar.

Club Electric Blue Buy Babydolls

Babydolls Agogo located on Walking Street Soi 15 announced on their Facebook page that the bar has been sold to their neighbours, Club Electric...
glamour patpong

Weekend Specials At Glamour

Just a quickie to let you know about a couple of July specials happening every weekend throughout July at Glamour in Patpong. On Saturday a...
all you can drink

All You Can Drink For 499 Baht

For anyone looking to get sozzled this Saturday then head to Lollipop in Nana Plaza where you can drink for FIVE HOURS for just...
90s Dance Contest And Party

90s Dance Contest And Party

It's party time again at Lighthouse tonight, Saturday 22nd June, with a dance contest and a throwback to the 90's lined-up. The troops have been...
ASEAN early closing

Early Closing This Weekend

Just a heads up for anyone planning to go out and party this weekend that venues across the city are likely to close an...
The Peep By Dundee Coming To Cowboy

The Peep By Dundee Coming To Cowboy

The lights went out at Dundee on Soi Cowboy at the beginning of May as the owners prepared for a month-long closure with plans...
Sugar Baby Becomes Diamond Agogo

Sugar Baby Becomes Diamond Agogo

Down in Pattaya Sugar Baby have moved and changed the name to Diamond Agogo. All your favourite girls and more from Sugar Baby can now...
billboard bangkok

Back To Normal At Billboard

It was business as usual at Billboard in Nana Plaza on Sunday night following an early closure on Saturday due to an unexpected issue...
lk metro

VIDEO: Soi LK Metro

The video title says pretty girls on LK Metro but the truth is this is more of a 10-minute walkabout with a load of...
strip 2

90 Baht Drinks All Night At The Strip

With The Strip back in action over in Patpong, the new manager is going all out to boost business with a drink deal like...
glamour patpong

The Glamour Girls Will Be On Stage Tonight

If you just can not stay at home tonight and are in need of some eye candy, or company, then get your butt on...