Pattaya’s Diamond Rises From Casino’s Ashes

Published on 19th September 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Diamond Rises From Casino Ashes

With all signs now pointing to Pattaya’s Casino Club having been slapped with a five-year closure order after being caught open with underage drinkers after dawn last month, what may have been a disaster to many businesses may turn out to be a blessing in disguise to the owner of the popular late-night pub.

While the ban reportedly imposed by Chonburi authorities is indeed a virtual death sentence for Casino – the owner cannot reopen the bar under that name or any other in that location – it turns out he has, just a few doors down, a closed go-go bar with all the relevant liquor, music & operating licenses and a long history and celebrated name: Diamond a-Go-Go.

Shuttered early this summer and put up for sale, Diamond will rise from the dead tonight (Sept 19) with a modified moniker: “Diamond a-Go-Go by Casino Club Team” and a party.

Diamond Rises From Casino Ashes

There is totally no word on any of the Pattaya news sites or forums about the reopening and the identity of the man who bought Diamond and Casino off founder “Mr. Tee” last year is not well known. So it’s impossible to say with certainty what the plans are for the resurrected Diamond.

But guessing by its name, it’s likely Diamond will – at least at the beginning – operate as a go-go bar and not in the model of Casino, which had a few coyote dancers on a centre podium, but was more about mingling, hooking up and drinking than chrome-pole titillation.

But you can expect that the coyotes put out of work by the boys in brown when they raided Casino around 7.30am Aug 29 will be there. It also would not be surprising to find the “go-go” will be mostly or entirely coyote.

Venturing into the realm of pure speculation, the “blessing” of Casino’s closure is that the double-shophouse Diamond would make a far better venue for a “Casino Club II” than the original. It’s larger and better laid out, is closer to Walking Street and has a name that for many years was associated with a class operation and hot girls.

Indeed, when veteran bar manager Ricky ran Diamond – before he was unceremoniously canned by Tee a day before New Year’s Eve several years back (but allowed to stay on and run up his bar tabl through Jan 1), Diamond had the strongest lineup of girls on Walking Street.

Ricky’s departure marked the start of Diamond’s slow death spiral, which apparently has been reversed, just at the last moment.

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