Pattaya’s Taboo Tries Where 3 Go-Gos Failed


The third time obviously wasn’t the charm for the site that once housed Pattaya’s Silver Star 3 A-Go-Go.

Since it was closed in April 2014, the two-storey Walking Street shophouse has had a revolving door for owners.

In June, it spun again, this time spitting out Fairies Club. It lasted just two months.

Previously, it had been Eclipse. Its lifespan was nearly as short as Fairies – just 23 days after it opened in March. In the 11 months prior to that, it was known as both Coyote Club and Blue Sky a-Go-Go.


But, as they said, try, try again and as the photos here show, builders are in and finishing up Taboo, which may still be owned by the Blue Sky bar group, but will be managed by the folks at the successful Casanovy next door.

No date has been given for its opening, but follow @StickboyPattaya on Twitter for updates.

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