In Pictures: Inside Superstar Bar Patpong

Superstar Bar Patpong

I love the old school bars on Patpong 1 with Superstar one of my usual stop offs for a beer or two.

The retro decor includes a doubleneck guitar motif over the stage with statues of Hendrix, Elvis, The Beatles and Marylin Monroe dotted around the bar highlight that old school vibe.

Superstar Bar Patpong

Friendly staff and girls, but watch your bill if you are feeling flush and dishing out the drinks like there’s no tomorrow as it easily starts to mount up.

At times the music can be hit or miss although the DJ is always happy to dig into his classic rock collection if you ask him as sometimes the car alarm techno creeps in to entertain the dancers. Don’t be shy, just ask and give the guy a tip and you’ll be on the Highway To Hell in no time.

As always, a big thanks to management and staff at Superstar for allowing us to take a few shots for the website.

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