A Pool Competition In The Plaza – WTF?

Published on 19th February 2015 by Stickboy BKK

A Pool Competition In The Plaza

On Wednesday night a pool table was wheeled out and a small stage setup on the ground floor of Nana Plaza in front of the beer garden just outside Suckers for a pool competition sponsored by Chang.

Now you’d be forgiven for thinking the players would be go-go girls in bikinis bent over the table whooping and hooting as they cleaned up and seen off their scantily clad opponents. It’s pretty much the picture I had in my mind.

Sadly, as you can see from the photo above, whoever organised it didn’t have the same train of thought as us and it was nothing but a bunch of guys playing in the end. Hardly the big draw to get punters into the Plaza.

For a complex full of bars overseen by a management company, why aren’t they organising nights as a collective to beat the competition down the road at Soi Cowboy or across town at Patpong. Two areas with no hierarchy in place, something Nana Plaza has but doesn’t tap into.

I could rattle of a dozen ideas with minimal budgets that would see the place bursting at the seems and the other two areas looking like ghost towns. I’m not on the payroll so I will leave those thoughts floating around my head for another time.

And as a final thought for anyone who tells me the pool tourney was a thank you to the security boys, money lenders and all the other shady Thai guys who work there then that makes it even worse if that is the case. There are plenty of pool places where they could have had their fun. Not slap bang in the middle of the ground floor for all walking into the place to see.

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