The Rise And Rise Of Butterflies

Published on 2nd January 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Butterflies Bangkok

There’s no doubt Billboard is a top bar with some top talent which means it’s packed to the rafters most nights.

Most punters love a busy bar but I’m not most punters and it can be a bit much at times which see’s me heading over to its little sister across the way, Butterflies.

Since opening in late 2016 this has always been my go-to place on the top floor, even when it was struggling I stuck with it as there was always talent and somewhere to sit without getting bumped in the back every 30 seconds.

Butterflies Bangkok

After a year of being run by partners, in 2017 the owners of Billboard took full control of Butterflies and slowly set about making small but important changes which have paid off big time.

Last year the popularity of the place just kept growing and the bar is fast catching up with its big sister.

It is the most-improved go-go bar in Bangkok by a country mile.

Butterflies Bangkok

More dancing dollybirds than ever – and I’m not talking about fat fillers making up the numbers either and that’s not including the PR pretties waiting at the door to welcome you. Some of them are stunners.

Decent service from friendly staff. DJ’s who are actually DJ’s and not low paid button pushers playing car alarm techno.

And cold beer. Always cold beer, even when the place is packed.

Hot chicks who love to party, cold beer and top tunes – what more could I want from a chrome pole palace?

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