Roofs Removed Over Ground Floor Bars In Nana

Work got underway on Wednesday morning to remove the roofing over the ground floor bars in Nana Plaza as the upgrades continue to come on improving The World’s Largest Adult Playground.

The demolition crew were on the tools early doors taking down the sheeting and frames that hang over the outdoor areas starting on the side with Lollipop and Twister BKK.

Nana Plaza Ground Floor Roofs Removed

With the roofs gone it will bring about a more open-air feel to the ground floor much like that of the Beer Garden in the courtyard while at the same time taking away a little privacy from the outside bars like Lollipop.

For someone like myself who often sits at the outdoor bars, it will take some time to get used to.

Roofs Removed Over Ground Floor Bars In Nana

My own personal preferences aside, it should give bars in the back corner of the ground floor, such as London Calling and Rainbow 2, a lot more exposure.

It will be business as usual as the work is carried out with no disruption to opening hours.