Sexy Valentine’s 2.0 Party At Billboard A Go Go

Published on 26th February 2014 by Stickboy BKK

I know I’ve said on SB Bangkok many times that bars and clubs really need to try something different to stand out from the crowd but a Valentine’s Party on February 27th? Even with the 2.0 bolted on this whole concept is just to left field for me to even think about.

But I’m not the manager of Billboard and it’s not my money someone is throwing at this Sexy Valentine’s 2.0 Party so I will just share what details I do know for anyone interested in checking it out.

It’s happening from 7pm at Billboard A Go Go on the third floor of Nana Plaza on Thursday 27th February.

Special sexy shows, a sticker party and raffles to win bottles of Bacardi with cover some of the evenings entertainment.

Sexy Valentines Party at Billboard Bangkok

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