Shark Patpong / The Terrace SOLD

Published on 15th May 2018 by Stickboy BKK

The Terrace SOLD

Not much more than a month after I reported The Terrace had taken over Shark Patpong, I can confirm the bar has been sold by the owners with the deal already done and dusted late last week.

Shark Patpong opened in December 2017 but it was The Terrace bar with the outdoor seating area that really took off and in April the decision was taken to shut down the inside go-go bar and expand the part of the business that was working well.

Plans to open the entire venue up with live music and sports were in the works when an offer from another Patpong bar owner landed on the table.

A meeting of the shareholders ended with a decision to sell and that was that.

I haven’t spoken with the new owner yet so it would be wrong of me to name him and pretty pointless as I don’t know what his plans for the venue are, other than second hand info that suggested they were on the same track as what was being drawn up at the time of the offer to sell.

Once I get the lowdown you’ll be the first to know.

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